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Aspects That I Must Take Into Account Not To Hire A Person

Aspects That I Must Take Into Account Not To Hire A Person

In the world of recruitment, things are usually done backward. Priority is given to skills, techniques, and functions as if these were the most important factors to consider in terms of hiring. If you have ever hired the wrong person, you know very well the costs of a hiring error. A large waste of time and energy is invested in solving the problem, as is the cost of the loss in terms of the opportunity to hire the right person for the job.

Although you cannot always avoid all hiring errors, there are some signs that you can observe in your candidates to help you carry out a better hiring process. Here are some examples of red flags that you should be aware of during the hiring process in your company:

Candidate does not give you clear answers

If you are interested in a direct and honest talk, but the only thing you receive in return are scattered answers that hardly answer your questions and are full of inconsistencies and terms of the industry as filler, this will be a problem later. It is extremely important to find someone to offer you what you are looking for. If he uses evasive language during the interview, you have to ask yourself if he has real answers or a real interest in the job.

Not familiar with the job description

If you are hiring someone and he has no idea about the responsibilities within the job description, proceed at your own risk. A candidate who is truly interested in your company and its position will be aware of the requirements, responsibilities and the culture of your company. They should have done some research on the position in question and the culture of your company. In this way, the candidate will have the ability to ask intelligent questions during the interview,

"Judge the person by their questions, not their answers" - Voltaire

Lack of attention to details

Have you ever met a person who seemed to be a good first instance candidate and then small negative details begin to emerge? Send an email without the attached curriculum, the curriculum has misspellings, forget to bring references to the interview, ask you to review some things about the company and give you your opinion four days go by and you have no answer. If a person is genuinely interested in something, he will do everything possible so that the result depends on him and not on the destination.

Sometimes we accept mediocrity because we need to fill some positions within the company. And other times we yearn so much for the notion of hiring the "best" candidate that we rule out everyone else. We all have defects, what you should be looking for is that the person of interest fits most effectively and productively within your company. Remember, if you have any questions about how you can maximize human resources in your company, you can contact us now and we will help you achieve it.