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Where Can I Find Candidates To Fill My Company's Vacancies?

Where Can I Find Candidates To Fill My Company's Vacancies?

As an employer or recruiter, you will want to find the most talented person to fill your vacancy. The goal is to improve and innovate. But this process can be a challenge, recruiting for a new or important vacancy requires an original approach and a constant strategy.


You should keep in mind that many vacancies that arise today did not exist 10 or 15 years ago. Others may require technical skills or some type of specialized experience that may make you think that filling that vacancy will be almost impossible. Not to mention that there are some places where the vacancy position may not yet be common. So what is the solution?


By combining traditional recruitment techniques, advertising about vacancies, with modern approach methods, such as making use of social networks and creating online strategies, you can succeed in filling this type of complex vacancies. You can also use these recruitment strategies to achieve this.



Strategies for effective recruitment


Develop a social media system


Create accounts for your company on different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Develop videos on YouTube and a series of posts on your blog to recruit and contact potential candidates. Through these accounts on social networks, you can teach your prospects how the work environment is and highlight why it is that your collaborators love to go to work every day. Teaching your prospects how amazing your company is one of the most efficient strategies to fill difficult vacancies.


Be smart with your content marketing


By creating and publishing unique and interesting recruitment content that matters to your prospects, you can build a reputation as a possible workplace, generate and capture interest in your organization and help any applicant find your company more easily when they search in line.


Check the description of the vacancy


Use an attractive language that highlights the benefits and rewards of working in your organization. Don't just list the 10 or 25 requirements that a candidate needs to apply for a vacancy in your company. Use this opportunity to engage your potential candidates and convince them to work together with you.



You have to include all individuals. But remember to include the benefits that your company offers such as insurance, growth possibilities, meals, the different types of projects on which they can work, among others.


It is necessary to identify what distinguishes your organization from others, especially your competition. Without giving names, what makes you the best? It includes links to the social networks in which your company is, so that they can see how the day to day within your company is. Remember, you have to set expectations neither too high nor too low. It's all about being realistic and looking for someone who embeds and interests the culture within your company. Only then will you have someone who is passionate about and wants to grow with your team or company. Remember that if you have doubts about how to maximize your company's resources you can contact us and we will guide you on this topic.