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It Looks Good On A Resume/CV

It Looks good On A Resume / CV

How many times in your career have you wondered what jobs, titles, and employers would look good on your CV? It might not always be worth it.


“It looks good on a CV” is a saying many of us have come to terms with, for example, having to do a job in a well-respected job in the industry or a good title. It is true that certain job titles and employers look good on a CV and tend to generate more interest in the counterpart than unfamiliar companies and positions.


Besides, the provinces in Thailand are so few that certain employers enjoy a well-deserved reputation and, as a result, those who work there also get a share of this when applying for a new job. You will certainly be able to name the best-known employers in your industry, whose names on the CV never look bad, and the titles that open the door more than others.


In addition to employers, the title may indeed be something that appeals to the recruiter a lot. It is easier to assure yourself that you are suitable for the position you are applying for, when at present the title is a short distance from the one sought, that is, the recruiter sees enough of the features sought for the vacant position. And yes, just as recruiters may just glance at your CV, attention is easily drawn to such simple things as job titles. So it's no wonder that certain titles are better at recruiting than others - although otherwise, the applicants' experience would be somewhat the same.


Despite all this, I strongly believe that a good CV shows the true role with the employer and that should be the most important factor in decision-making. If you over-plan your career based on what looks good in your CV, you may end up doing things that you don't care about and don't enjoy. I have made the wrong decision in due course on the basis that the employer was well-known and represented something where I wanted to be a part of, even though I knew that job probably not the best match. I thought I could adapt - but it was different.


That's why it is more important than the "beautiful line" of a CV to choose a job that fits your desires in other areas.