Recruitment Strategy

A recruiting strategy is a formal plan of action involving an organization's attempts to successfully identify, recruit, and hire high-quality candidates for the purpose of filling its open positions.

In some industries, it is difficult to find the right skills, especially in Bangkok, Jakarta and other major cities where the competition for the labor force can be very tough. In the ongoing boom, many companies want to hire. Are you one of the companies who have problems finding staff who live up to your expectations? Here are 5 factors that should be considered when choosing an HR partner.


  • As a good recruiter, you not only perform your daily tasks. You also make sure that the company constantly attracts and retains good people by providing candidates who will make a difference. But how does a good recruiter succeed in this? It's probably not just one answer to that question. Below is a list of some of the properties required to succeed.

  • As in each new generation, their expectations regarding the labor market and the business world change concerning their predecessors. What does this new generation expect?


Recruitment Strategy

A recruitment strategy is a plan an organization enacts to form a recruiting process and establish a candidate pool. An organization uses recruitment strategies to identify a hiring vacancy, establish a timeline, and identify goals throughout the recruitment process.