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The Involvement Of Candidates: How Not To Miss The Best

The Involvement Of Candidates: How Not To Miss The Best

If the applicant is not sufficiently involved, you are not alone with him. A person considers other offers from employers, and you are not the first on the list. Even if in the end he accepts your offer, his motivation and performance will not be up to par. Let's see how a recruiter knows this is not the best deal.


If we want to hire strong professionals, then we immediately fall into a tough competitive environment: everyone needs strong people. Therefore, the first task of the recruiter is to become the number 1 company in the list of options for the candidate. And this is not a question of working conditions - it is a question of human psychology.


Let's see what engagement is and how to work with it.



Involvement as an interest in work tasks


Engagement is a term that is widely used in the business world today. In the field of HR, this term is used in the context of the effectiveness of job seekers and employees. In the work of a recruiter, this is a factor that seriously improves the efficiency of selection.



Key principles for engagement


Involvement is a concept from the foundations of human psychology. Here are the basic needs that shape engagement:


  • As social beings, we need to feel that we are valued and accepted in our social groups; in this case, we are talking about a potential job.


  • We have a natural desire to show our skills and talents (that which we are good at and that pleases us); however, we do not like to waste time on things that are not appropriate for these skills and talents.


  • We have an inherent desire to search for meaning and purpose in what we do. After all, we want to believe that the results of our efforts are important for others.


  • We have energy in development and progress. Through our efforts, we believe that we can do more, do more and achieve more.


  • Why is it important? Because often the recruiters and the management with which the applicant meets with incorrect accents. Let's use the above principles to understand what is important for the applicant.



How to engage a candidate


Improving engagement is directly dependent on meeting the above psychological needs.


Need: a sense of understanding and appreciation.


Approach: each applicant needs to be given maximum attention, to listen to his views and ideas. You may not agree with the opinions of others, but you need to accept and discuss it. Sometimes fresh ideas brought by new employees allow the company to go to a different level. But this does not mean that you need to start listening to people only when they go to work. Show attention and interest in candidates - they will remember such an interview.



Need: a manifestation of skills and talents.


Approach: highlight the qualities and skills necessary for the position and compare them with the qualities defined and the skills of each applicant. We all show more involvement and put more effort into the work that we love and in which we can prove ourselves. Well-known management consultant Peter Drucker said: "The main task of the manager is to make strong features of people even more effective, and weak ones - of minor significance." Also, who is not interested in work, where you can prove yourself?



Need: the pursuit of the search for meaning and determination of purpose.


Approach: Applicants should have a clear understanding of how their future tasks are related to the goals and overall philosophy of the company. People are more motivated when they realize that their efforts matter. It is important for a recruiter, like no other, to understand the values of the company he represents. Often a team does not have a common understanding of the business philosophy: the first persons of the company did not form it for themselves or each leader has his understanding of values and mission. The task of the recruiter is to clarify this point for everyone: to speak, fix and coordinate. This is the only way to speak confidently on behalf of the business.



Need: movement towards development and progress.


Approach: employees feel in good shape when there is a sufficient number of tasks, clear and reasonable standards. This implies:


  • fair and consistent accountability;


  • performance appraisal that is consistent with standards defined and KPI. Show that your employer is doing just that. This will be a huge plus.



Involvement as a stage of selection


We divide the selection of applicants into stages:


  • Attracting candidates

  • Rating

  • Selection of the best


And let's see how top companies work on engagement. The focus is on how to interest and engage as many relevant candidates as possible.





IKEA in 300 minutes


The main idea is a quest in the store, during which participants will find out what different store employees are doing at work.

The project was developed for potential job seekers from among store visitors. But in the course of the work, it turned out that it would help to solve the internal task of the company: to tell employees that IKEA supports moving between departments and seeks to acquaint specialists with what colleagues from different departments do, write on the website of the branding agency make love who was involved in the project.


Marriott and Facebook games


Marriott International, an international hotel services company, uses online games to attract millennial job seekers. The essence of the game is to try yourself in the service industry, for example, as a chef. And, of course, work hard in a virtual hotel. Thus, potential candidates can evaluate their competencies.


Unilever and internships


One of the world leaders in the food and household products market, Unilever attracts talented youth through development and internship programs. The guys solve business cases, participate in focus groups and research, and also implement their projects. A great opportunity to gain real professional experience! And for the company - a way to attract interested candidates.





Zappos and the dive method


To evaluate candidates, the American company Zappos uses various methods, and all of them are based on a properly built corporate culture. For example, Zappos uses multi-stage team selection of candidates using behavioral interviews, field trips, and case studies. Immersion of the candidate in corporate culture Zappos checks the values and professionalism of the company and the applicant. Thus, the risk of unsuccessful hiring is reduced.



Selection of the best


Google and originality


The engagement method from Google is to complete a professional assignment unusually. However, not only the task is extraordinary, but also the Google methods themselves. So, the programmer Mike Rosett one morning right in the search results saw the secret message. Ready for verification? In such an extravagant way, the company invited Mike to solve several professional problems. After completing the tasks, the programmer will receive a letter from the Google recruitment department. Well - puzzles are fun!