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Want a Healthy Corporate Culture? Engage Employees

Want a Healthy Corporate Culture? Engage Employees

Unemployed employees need a 5% better deal to consider leaving. But a satisfied employee must get a 20% better deal to start thinking about. How, then, to increase the involvement of agency employees?



Building a healthy corporate culture


In many large companies, up to about 20% of agency workers act as temporary agents to increase operational flexibility. In order not to leave these jobs, it is necessary to build a healthy corporate culture, also about agency employees. They will reward you with increased productivity.


You can start building a healthy corporate culture for agency employees immediately. Such As:


  • Provide them with intangible benefits and competences

  • Show them sufficient care

  • Listen carefully to their spontaneous needs and try to address them

  • Build trust and intense feedback with them



How to motivate intangible rewards?


Experience has shown that employees most value intangible remuneration in the form of recognition and sufficient information from management. So how can you start immediately motivating non-financial agency workers?


  • Access directly and especially equally to all employees - both regular and agency

  • Create frequent and especially regular interaction with agency employees

  • Allow agency employees to track their performance

  • Create a culture of continuous feedback

  • Give the agency employs a special role

  • For extra performance give him half a day/day off

  • Give your employees verbal or written thanks. If only a brief slogan "Good Work"

  • Present the TOP employees ranking in the company. Remove him from both the core and agency staff