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What criteria must a good recruiter meet?

What criteria must a good recruiter meet?

At Fischer & Partners Recruitment, we are quite proud that we regularly receive compliments about being such great recruiters, giving real attention, approach people personally, show genuine interest, and try to help people. What is self-evident to us does not always appear to be evident in practice. Of course, things sometimes go wrong with us, but it is good to have in mind what you are striving for. Hence this list of which I think a good recruiter should meet.

In any case, it is our guidelines that we want to pursue.

How do you recognize a good recruiter?

  • The recruiter shows that she has studied you, that she has read your CV carefully and is actually interested in your wishes.

  • The recruitment process is a collaboration, in which the recruiter has a genuine interest in what you have done so far and what your ambitions are.

  • It is clearly stated why they are approaching you specifically for a position and does not make you feel like one of many.

  • When recruiters ask for your resume, they tell you exactly why they want it, what job they have in mind for.

  • In the interview, they give a good picture of the organization, the position and the wishes of the employer.

  • Only with your permission and after they have spoken to you extensively, they can offer your CV to their client.

During the process

  • They are fair and transparent about the entire process and keep you well informed of the procedure's progress.

  • When they make an appointment with you, they stick to it or let you know if things go differently.

  • They don't take the candidate for granted. The recruiter cannot do anything without talented candidates.

  • After an interview, you will receive feedback from the employer within two or three working days as a candidate. In the unlikely event that this does not work, the recruiter will inform the candidate about this and let them know what the status is.

  • They are honest and compassionate with you. If recruiters think you are not a good match for the position you are interested in, they will tell you and tell you why.

  • A good recruiter also keeps in touch when you started at your new employer.

  • A good recruiter wants to help you advance in your career, and will also look at how they can help you if they do not have the right position for you.