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Endless Selection Processes: The 5 Elements That Will Help You Recruit Faster

Endless Selection Processes: The 5 Elements That Will Help You Recruit Faster

Have you ever been in a selection process that seemed endless? I, in fact, and from my experience, could say that someone must be even unfinished because I never received any message; although this is another topic for another post about Candidate Experience.

Today we come to talk about the duration of the selection process and how we can speed it up. When asked how much time should pass from when an offer is published until the ideal candidate is found, the most common (and easy) answer is: This depends, of course, on how urgent the position is, the skills that are sought. In addition, a quick process can be counterproductive. You can't know for sure.

A selection process lasts, on average, 28 days

Not all processes have the same duration, but let's be clear: nobody is interested in a process lasting two months. That means two months spending money, resources of the selection team and an increase in work for the rest of the workforce that, in addition to their work, must adopt temporary responsibilities while a new candidate is not found.

This is so if we speak from the point of view of the company but what about the candidates? According to FP Executive Recruitment in Thailand & Indonesia, if a process lasts more than 72 business days, candidates think there must be something suspicious about the offer. They begin to distrust the vacancy and the company and, finally, prefer to prioritize other selection processes.

This is not happening in your company, right? You don't want it to happen. Keep reading because next, we will show you how you can recruit faster without losing sight of the candidate and his experience (rather the opposite).

Recruit internally

This type of recruitment is carried out at first when the vacancy has just been generated. The human resources team studies whether it is possible to relocate any of the existing workers to the vacant position.

In these cases, the employees feel motivated, since the change usually implies an ascent within the company and, therefore, the professional growth is promoted.

What do you gain with internal recruitment? You save money in the process: it is not necessary to publish offers or so much time in the selection process. In addition, the adaptation time is shorter: know the company and fit your values.

Use your talent base

Before publishing any job offer ... Don't forget your talent base! There you have dozens of candidates who, one day, signed up for an offer and are there because you thought they had talent.

If it is true that many of the candidates that are in the talent base can be passive, according to TalentIQ data 85% of the passive candidates that are in your talent base want to continue receiving offers, as long as they fit their profile.

Are you still interested? Resend a job offer. But attention: you must keep your talent base up to date to always have the right information about the candidates.

Take care of your job page and write some good offers

Make it easy! Make it easy to access your employment page. You must express very clearly about your values, your philosophy, and methodology, as well as the benefits that the future workers of your company will have.

Also, write job offers so that candidates know exactly what you are looking for and what skills are required. It is the first filter to prevent the registration of candidates who do not fit the vacancy.

Power mobile recruitment

Adapt the entire process to the mobile. Currently, more than 70% of candidates are looking for employment through mobile. Your website must be responsive and registration must be simple. In this mobile recruitment strategy (or mobile recruitment) you should also offer Mobile Apps.

It is fast, but it is also simple and improves the Candidate Experience. The candidate can see the vacancies to which he has registered and sees offers related to his interests while feeling that he has a personal space for the job search.

In addition, geolocation technologies will facilitate both your work and that of the candidate. It will allow you to filter the candidates according to their area of residence, so you will gain in agility. It will allow your candidates to have a more concrete vision of the offer and, in addition, they will also be faster to fill in this field.

Optimize the interviews

It is important to decide which candidates to conduct the interview and through which channel. A vacancy can receive dozens of registrations, but the number of people to interview must not be higher.

On average, 4 or 5 interviews are done to fill a vacancy. Each interview lasts about 30 minutes. Therefore, in total, we will invest about 150 minutes in the realization of these. Can you imagine if you do not find the candidate you want? What a waste of time and money. For both you and the candidate.

Why not start with a screening test before moving on to the interview? This will allow you to filter even more candidates. Likewise, 61% of companies make a video call before the interview. Some useful tools can be used such as hangouts or GoToMeeting.

The most talented candidates are no longer available in just 10 days

Maybe you didn't know, but while it takes you weeks to find a candidate to fill your place, several very talented people have already received another offer or even found work.

You have lost opportunities. And you will continue to lose them since no candidate will endure a process that lasts more than 45 days. Think about it: if you needed a job, would you be waiting a month and a half to see if they say yes?

Does this still not convince you to gain speed in your selection processes? We tell you, then, some other benefits:

  • You will improve the Candidate Experience. One of the greatest wishes of the candidates is to have an answer as soon as possible. No time to lose.

  • You will improve your Employer Branding. If the candidate has a good experience, he will take a good memory with himself. In case you feel uncomfortable in the process, you will also let your circle of friends and acquaintances know.

  • You will save time (and therefore money). The tools that help accelerate the selection processes do so through the optimization of resources and information. That means that your human resources team will not spend so much time searching for candidates and collecting the necessary information.

  • You will optimize the work of your employees. The faster you get to fill the vacancy, the less load the rest of the workforce will receive since you will not have to do more work than you usually do.

Make sure your candidates don't spend months waiting for you to give them the news. Accelerating your selection processes, you will save on resources, improve your Employer Branding and you can enhance your Candidate Experience.