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Faster Recruitment Processes Are Very Profitable!

Faster Recruitment Processes Are Very Profitable!

No matter what kind of business you work in, how long experience you have and how many recruitment processes you have per year, you will be able to take some small steps that significantly reduce time-to-hire. Maybe it's just a little change or maybe the change involves trying out a new vendor that can provide faster processes.


Foam through these points and see if there are one or two measures you stop at. Take the challenge and make some changes to the process you have done so many times in the same way, too much change all the time. For example, the competition for the best candidates, the tools used in the battle for these and the candidates' expectations and actions.


Know it is a dull point, but seen of time, plan the process. This does not take long to do but will provide the best starting point for the rest of the process. Leaders tend to be incredibly busy and become bottlenecks in the recruitment processes. Some businesses set aside all day, every Friday, for managers who have ongoing recruitment processes. This ensures that they have time to meet potential candidates in a short time.


Write "The World's Best Job Advertisement"! Or, stretch as long as you dare to draw the attention of relevant candidates. They are so excited when those between boring ads find an ad that smiles and presents itself. Perhaps it is possible to be somewhat less self-confident and correct than all the others.


Get the ad out to see where the best fish are staying. It is far from overtime to make an extra effort so that the ad appears in social media. If you are unsure of the possibilities, use a third party to help you. If you work in a large business, there are probably resources that can contribute.


Some positions are difficult to get good candidates. Then a lot of time is spent waiting for the right fish in the yarn. It costs so much money when time goes by and no one is hired. Get a recruitment company and speed up the business. Even though such costs cost a lot, it will quickly be billable when you set up costs by having an empty chair for a long time. A small tip when buying recruitment services - be active and close to the process right up until the right employee is employed.


When good candidates show up, whether it is through recruitment company or application process, drop everything you have in your hands and find out if this is one that should be checked out or further into the process. Yes, the best ones are in several processes and are gone if you sleep.


A lot of time goes away in agreeing a time that suits everyone for interviews and changes. If you do not already use it, it is important to find an interview book system. It should be integrated with Outlook to provide optimal time savings.


It's time for a video interview. Check out the possibilities you have to get a video interview as part of the selection process. It is probably not relevant to use this for all positions, but for many types of positions, this is a good way to select applicants.


The next step should be a telephone or web interview. Then you can talk to several and it requires little from you and the candidates. The purpose of this "interview" is to find out whom you want to spend time on a first-time interview. You also save time because you have already started the interview with those who come to the first-time interview.


The last little tip is to be flexible when needed. The best candidates may be at work and have difficulty getting out of the day. Meet these in the evening or at the weekend or suggest to come to the area that works for a chat over lunch. It is best to manage the best.