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Recruiters, Forget About Phone Interviews!

Recruiters, Forget About Phone Interviews!

Some companies are always looking for talents from all over the world to their team. Video interview tools let them interview candidates effectively over multiple time zones.


Sometimes it feels like resistance to new ways of doing things is a backbone reflex in our people. Whether it is about new technology or just a slightly better method that has proven to be more effective, there are always many who will automatically think that the new method is ineffective or problematic. This even though the new method will reduce their workload, save time or help them succeed.


When considering telephone interviews as a recruitment method, consider the following important issues:


Time and planning


When an interview is performed by telephone, both the recruiter and the candidate must be available at the same time. This can, of course, be solved by agreeing the time of the interview in advance, but it still requires that both parties are available at the same time.


Another major problem with telephone interviews is that they are time-consuming. One interview may only take 30 minutes of the recruiter's time, but what if you have 20 potential candidates to interview?

Time Comparison Between Phone Interview vs. Video Interview

Note: These numbers do not include possible scheduling conflicts that may occur when planning a telephone interview. Using an asynchronous video interview tool, it takes a maximum of about an hour to record video questions to the candidates. Once you've recorded your questions, you can copy and paste the candidate's email addresses and submit the questions to them with a single click of the mouse. Let's say you've asked the candidates three questions and that you expect relatively long (two minutes) answers to each. Then it takes two hours to review all the candidates' answers.


All companies want to optimize their processes and save as much as they can, so why are we still recruiting so inefficiently?


Consider a personality, not a resume


The video interview is so user-friendly, it's simply awesome. With video interviews, we save at least 50 percent of the time in the screening phase. At the same time, we can test the candidate's language skills.


When you recruit, you are of course looking for a good combination of talent and personality. When you read a CV or application from a candidate, you probably get a pretty good picture of the applicant's abilities and experience. After reading the application, call the candidate and interview him or her for about half an hour. If you like the applicant, make an interview face to face. Both parties arrange all the necessities in connection with the interview (travel, cancellation of other agreements, etc.). Finally, you get a personal meeting with the applicant ...


… And five minutes later you realize that this candidate is not suitable for the job. He or she has a personality that simply does not fit the task or team. Since you have set aside an entire hour for the interview, you continue to interview the person, even if you know you are wasting your time. Does this sound familiar?



How about getting an insight into the applicant's personality before spending an interview?


This is where video interviews are in a class of their own. Within minutes, you get a clue as to whether the candidate's personality is suitable for the position you are to occupy. If you just read the CVs and perform phone interviews, you are still left with inevitable courtesy calls to arrange face-to-face interviews. And as long as you stick to the old methods, you run the risk of suffering one more hour's interview with the wrong candidate, while your competition takes advantage of the lead.


Save your time to the best candidates - no more courtesy talks


Recruiters will forget about telephone interview!


With video interviews, it is easy for you as a professional recruiter to pick out the best candidates who have both the talent and the personality you are looking for. You can also save the videos for future use, for example, if a candidate fits perfectly to a position that is not currently available. Finding future superstars is easier than ever - look at the videos and select only the best candidates for face-to-face interviews.


It is never easy to change old habits, especially in larger companies. And every time a new, more efficient method emerges, pioneers will always benefit from it immediately. Unfortunately, those who decide to stick to the old do not accept changes before they have to.


The latter group must remember to bring ribbons to the typewriter on their way home. Start saving time by recruiting quality candidates - you won't regret it.