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Do You Dare To Hire A Job Hopper?

Do You Dare To Hire A Job Hopper?

Many are tiringly conscious of building the right CV.


I'm writing this sentence because I'm a little jealous because my resume is one that's been created along the way. Some get a CV that shows that they have been at the same workplace throughout their lives, while others have ended up with 10 different employers in 20 years for various reasons. Such a resume scares many who recruit. "We cannot hire this person, he will stop within two years," they would say, then mark the applicant "out of date".


Unfortunately, I have to admit that I understand that recruiters are skeptical, I also became a recruiter. But as I became a more experienced recruiter, I became more curious about who these were, especially when I had some good candidates for the position…


I wanted to find out what was behind and often invited job seekers with such CVs for interview. It was a question of asking the right questions to find the cause of the job jumps. What made them quit and what made them begin in different jobs? Have there been industries with downsizing? Has he or she been a little quick to accept new jobs without having been well acquainted with what the new business could offer of work tasks and culture?


An important question was where they saw themselves a few years ahead in time. The reason why this is a good question in job interviews is that it provides good insight into jobseeker's thoughts and whether these fit with what you and your business need.


Often, it turned out that these people were very good candidates for the position and I changed my view of such CVs from skeptical to open and positive.



Here are some of the positive pages I found:


Job jumpers have learned how to quickly adapt to new jobs and different leadership styles.


When hiring a job jumper, you get accumulated knowledge, best practices, reference information, their many contacts and their experience from several companies. If they have switched jobs frequently within the same industry, you get one that has industry knowledge that is difficult even for your current employees to match.


Many recruiters and executives reject only at the sight of a job-hopping resume. This may mean that the job seeker appreciates being invited for an interview and will do his very best to get and keep the job long.


Many managers are afraid to invest in the training of a job jumper, and then see that the person ends after a short time. But job jumpers may not need so much training, they have experience and they have learned how to get started quickly.



Trust yourself


Everyone wants to hire the best and we who sort CVs have taught us how to quickly look through the CVs to find the gold. It has quickly become a bit tricky here and only goes for CVs that meet all the "requirements" you have set. An invitation to you who sorts your CVs is to extend the requirements list a bit, and open up that there is gold that may not seem at first glance.


The best candidate is the one who fits into the corporate culture, is delighted to have got the job and wants to invest in making the new employee work overtime. In addition to the right expertise and experience, then, and this may well be a job-hopper.