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The 10 Commandments Of The Employer Branding

The 10 Commandments Of The Employer Branding

Who else has gone to talk about the 10 commandments or the decalogue? Hundreds of years ago, 10 ethical and worship standards were written that would become the must of Christianity and Judaism.

We have decided to recover these commandments and transform them into The 10 Commandments of the Employer Branding. These commandments include a series of actions that every team should perform to achieve a strategy as an unparalleled employer brand.

The 10 Commandments of the Employer Branding

1. Everything you tell will be real

In no type of communication or campaign can we lie or "sell smoke." Your candidates want to know how you are and know the truth, although each one will have their own expectations. Telling something different from reality will mean losing the confidence of your candidates.

2. You will not create content in vain

Content is the center of communication, but it must have a clear objective. When creating content for your platforms or channels, think well about who is directed, what this group of people likes and how you can generate different content that is of value. Content helps create an impact on people..

88% of experts say that an informed candidate is a quality candidate

3. You will strengthen the internal Employer Branding

Employer Branding is a strategy that will allow you to improve your image for the candidates, but it must be based on the reality of the company. Therefore, you should not only communicate abroad but provide valuable experiences to all your employees and build a company culture from the center.

Employees who feel comfortable in the company are 88% more productive

4. You will know your Candidate Persona well

To find the best talent and know-how to communicate your employer brand proposal in the best way, it is very important to know who you are going to. In every strategy, there is alway the target; in this either! The Candidate Persona will help you to know how the candidates that work best in your company are, to know what to tell them and through which channels to attract them.

5. You will create a good employment page

The epicenter of attraction and conversion should be your employment page. What should a good job page have? To start, you must be in a visible place on the company's general website. In addition, the communication tone will be consistent not only with your Employer Branding but also with your Candidate Persona. Think about what kind of information you want to communicate, what makes you different and what are your strongest points. Ah! And don't forget to have a 100% responsive and user-friendly employment page.

52% of the candidates look at the company's employment page

6. You will contact ALL the candidates

38% of the candidates do not receive any response after registering for an offer. It is very important that candidates for your vacancy know, at all times, how the selection process evolves. Feedback is key to a good Candidate Experience. Only 8% of candidates receive a call to know they are not selected in the selection process.

7. You will not forget social networks

The use of social networks is crucial to communicate your Employer Branding. These channels, especially Instagram, social network, and LinkedIn, with a focus on employment, allow you to share valuable content on an audiovisual and live level. In addition, you can have a much more active and bidirectional communication with your candidates or potential candidates.

62% of candidates consult the company's social networks before signing up for their offer

8. You will use videos and images in your offers

It is very important that everything you communicate comes in a clear, human and real way. Therefore, the use of audiovisual material is very important: you can show how the workspaces are, what kind of people work and publicize the activities carried out.

People remember 80% of the visual information.

9. You will involve the entire company in the project

Your Employer Branding strategy is nothing without everyone's involvement. The employees are those who give meaning to the culture of the company, who promote it and keep it maintained over time. That is why it is essential that they participate in the communication of your employer brand. There is no one better than the people who are in the day to day of your company to tell what is the best of it.

Employee confidence in messages is 92% higher than those of the brand.

10. You will always take care of the experience of your candidates

Having a good Employer Branding is not synonymous with having a good Candidate Experience, although it helps. For the experience of your candidates to be ideal, you will have to: show valuable information, facilitate quick registration through form or portals, have good and constant communication and ensure a perfect onboarding process.

65% of candidates say that a bad experience causes them to lose interest in the job.

With all this information, you just have to start applying it to see how your image is transformed for the candidates. Do you want to know more? Pay attention to the following posts, browse our blog that there is a lot of interesting information!