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Talent Database: A Winner For An Efficient Recruitment Process

Talent Database: A Winner For An Efficient Recruitment Process

The only way to proactively collect high-quality talent is to build an effective talent database. In addition to engaging top talent, a talent database is a highly effective recruitment tool that can improve the most important recruitment parameters such as time, cost and quality of employment.


As we have previously written, a very large proportion of the potential candidates consist of your advertised position of passive job seekers. 73% if you want to believe in LinkedIn. In other words, they are already employed by someone else, but that does not mean that they are not open to new job opportunities if they are interested enough.


Passive job seekers must, therefore, be convinced that a job in your business will be interesting to them. If you get these passive job seekers to be in your talent database, build a relationship with them, create candidate engagement, and place your business on top of their awareness until the time they are mature to change jobs. Not unlike how to work with marketing efforts to influence a customer's buying process, or what?


Before you know it you have engaged them and made them want to work with you. So even if it takes time to build relationships, you know that these candidates will be interested in a job with you when offering them a position.


Building and maintaining the talent database is, as I said, no easy match. First, fill it with high-quality candidates through a good lead generation process. Once inside, they must be properly segmented. Was that all? No, now you have to maintain the interest of your candidates by engaging them with relevant and interesting communication. Relevant recruitment content must be presented in each step of the candidate journey.


Yes, there is a lot of work to do, but a well-invested time when you get it back:



A talent database saves time


As the replenishment of new candidates for the talent database is ongoing, they are also considered as they become eligible for the database. This proactive work helps your business choose the best candidates in a significantly shorter time as screening and background checks are already done. In other words, you can fill vacancies very quickly and prevent interruptions in your daily business. Or better yet, having a large talent database allows you to identify potential candidates that would fit even before you have a vacancy out. Besides, in the HR department, you can have more time for other tasks and projects that can develop the business in the future.



A talent database reduces the cost per employment


Another benefit of having a large talent database is that you will save money on the recruitment process. Instead of spending money on advertising your vacancy, look for a potential job candidate directly from your talent database. Here is the big money to save.


A talent database increases the quality of recruitment


No one wants to recruit the second-best player to the team. The fact that you are sometimes forced to do so depends on four things:


  • There have not been enough qualified applicants

  • There has not been enough time to find the talents

  • Not enough time to check if the best candidate is a perfect match

  • The best candidate has turned down your offer so you have to settle for the second-best


A talent database helps you avoid all four of these scenarios by ensuring a continuous flow of qualified candidates, reducing time-to-hire and improving the degree of acceptance.


Now I hope you have gained more insight into what a talent database is and what it can bring you benefits. Let it be a project you start now!