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Exhausting Colleagues In Control

Exhausting Colleagues In Control

A little psychology can be helpful when you have to endure exhausting people in the workplace.


Every job has types that you might not always be able to handle. Energy suckers, maladies, gossipers, and boasters consume resources and overload nerves and coping.


Often, a particularly resilient, sensitive, or kind person will remain in the teeth of the above, sometimes until exhausted. The harder person knows and dares to take his or her own space, leave or say when the endurance threshold approaches. A softer person doesn't even want to hurt or cause a conflict.


You can still deal with consuming people. It's a good idea to try simple, psychological constellations that work for most people.


The first thing to do is not to feed on the power of the stricken person. People act on a reward basis and most of their behavior expect the reaction they want; admiration, attention, compassion or confliction.


Don't give it a go. Don't feel sorry for and comfort the negro, but try to turn the subject into something more positive or something else. Don't boast about boasting, just tell an anecdote at this point or be overly laconic about blushing.


For an aggressive, conflict-prone, or narcissistic type, you can try to comment on a nasty comment on something super-friendly and then leave it cool for your own peace.


If you have a really nice colleague who just has a strenuous way of expressing himself or herself or having trouble concentrating on his or her job, you can kindly mention it. The sane person realizes that one has to do his own work, even if he has a fascinating story about his Savon family history.


You set yourself up for more exhausting situations by setting a time limit for them. Decide that you only listen to politics for five minutes a day.


Remember to let yourself recover from strenuous encounters. Reward your coping with a cup of your favorite coffee, sitting outside for a moment, good song, or whatever gives you the energy and good feeling you just lost.


And when all the other greats fail, rely on the oldest consternation of performance thrillers: Imagine your tease naked and then try to take him seriously.