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How To Significantly Increase The Values ​​You Create In Recruitment

How To Significantly Increase The Values ​​You Create In Recruitment

Isn't it always the case that a new year starts with regular weekdays and "business as usual"? Some set up New Year's resolutions, some follow these, while most of us are taken away from everyday life. That means there must be strong will and/or easily obtainable gains to make us make room for change.


What about you who is responsible for recruitment processes or the responsibility for all recruitment in your business? Should everything be done like last year, or are you open to making any changes that create value for your workplace?


In recruitment, we have three areas that can provide value for the business:


  • Streamlining the recruitment processes

  • Increased access by relevant candidates

  • More accurate appointments


The question then becomes, how to improve in these areas?


Okay, it's been a while since there were applications in envelopes and the transition to the digital world and recruitment solution resulted in huge savings. Most have and use some form of recruitment solution, but there is a big difference between using it and utilizing it. You do not need a blood-trim path if you only want to drive from A to B and listen to P4. You also do not have to make the effort to try and take advantage of all the opportunities this car has. The same applies to your recruitment solution. You have to decide what kind of driver you want to be and then find out what is in your recruitment solution, if you want to get up and running.


Yes, there is a big difference between recruitment solutions and there is a big difference between needs. But the possibilities change all the time, and then you should make sure that the recruitment solution you have included in the hour.


Here are some examples of features/modules that will create benefits and that you should consider using:



Job Analysis


The job analysis, or the requirement specification that many call it, is the very foundation of the recruitment process. If you are looking for reliable recruitment processes, you will not be able to do so. Those who have worked with structured recruitment processes have previously had to create the job analysis outside the recruitment solution, for example in the word.


Here, tasks, responsibilities, and conditions must be set up. What kind of expertise and skills should the person to be employed have? What personal qualities fit this position? What does business need now?


Values: A good job analysis makes it easier to work structured to hire the right one. Hiring someone a little better than the average is very profitable. Not to mention that you are moving further away from possible mistakes.


Appropriate for: All positions



Interview Booking


Interview books synchronize with recruiters' outlook calendars, making it easy to find common free time for interviews. The module also makes it possible to book alternative interview slots that the applicants can choose from. All interview agreements are also booked in the recruiters' outlook calendars.


Values: There is a high degree of efficiency in this module since interview book management is one of the most time-consuming in the recruitment process. If you take the time to arrange and change the times for interviews with candidates and more employees in the business, you will see that it takes a while. Here, such "automation" can reduce the time spent by up to 90%.


Appropriate for: All positions



Video Interview


Video interviews work so that recruiters record a few structured questions and send out to a selection of candidates who can answer these questions in peace when it suits the candidate. With video interviews, recruiters get a better decision basis in the coarse sorting of candidates so that he remains with the right candidates in the interviews.


Values: Reduced time spent on first-time interviews you find after video interviews. The probably higher proportion of good hires, as you can scan more and interview more people who meet the requirements for the job.


Appropriate for: Positions where appearance is an important part of the properties required for the post.


These were three modules/functions you should consider. Be curious about what the recruitment solution you have today can give you benefits, and if you find that the solution you use does not have much to offer… then please feel free to call us ?. We're here to help!