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6 Tricks For Ideal Recruitment In The Retail And Catering Sector

6 Tricks For Ideal Recruitment In The Retail And Catering Sector

It would seem crazy if I told you that a Michelin-starred restaurant closes due to lack of staff, right? Well, it has happened. The Napa Valley Restaurant Terra, in the United States, turns off the stove after 30 years because they fail to find suitable candidates.

How can this happen? The retail and catering sector has an increasingly difficult time attracting and recruiting candidates. If you are a recruiter in any of these two sectors, I have to tell you, you are in a very competitive job market. But calm down, read on because we give you the solution to your headaches.

In the retail and catering sector, it takes 25 working days to find the ideal candidate

Although this data is only average ... don't you think it's too long? This is because, in the retail and catering sector, we face several challenges to overcome. Here are the 3 main ones:

  • A large volume of processes Hundreds of entries is received per month Regardless of seasonal processes!

  • The attraction of like-minded candidates. With so many registered, it is difficult to find candidates who are qualified and have the skills you are looking for.

  • Employee rotation Retail is in the top 5 of industries with more turnover. This is associated with a large cost of hiring, training, and onboardings.

6 tricks to get the best recruitment in the sector

Pay attention to the following tricks, because with them the Candidate Experience will improve, the selection process will be easier and you will get much more quality traffic. You will not lack candidates with talent and desire, but for this, you must work on the following points:

1. Determine and strengthen your Employer Branding

The Employer Branding strategy will allow you to publicize your company as a place to work. The information you show about your employer brand must be transparent, real and focused on the candidate and the attraction of talent.

How can you highlight what really makes you different? Count on the help of your current employees. No one better than them knows what they love about their workplace.

Do not forget to show all these values that make up your Employer Branding through social networks and your employment page, the two main places where candidates will find you.

REMEMBER: in stores and restaurants you can offer something different from the rest of the industries: discounts on products, testing or flexible schedules, among others; seize it. Don't forget to highlight the benefits in-store and in offices, separately.

2. Write attractive job offers

Your job offers cannot pass by! Engaging and clear; They should be that way. Your job offers should reflect your philosophy, your Employer Branding. In this way you can attract those candidates who really identify with your company, you will optimize the time in the processes and improve the Candidate Experience.

We also recommend that you write a generic offer for those candidates who want to work with you but do not find a vacancy of interest: this will increase your database with people who want to enter your team!

3. Involve your employees in the search for candidates

Your employees know the company, the methodology, the environment ... and how are the people who work in it! That's why we give you some advice: keep in mind the recommendations of your workers.

Create a space where employees know which vacancies are open and can help the human resources team. How?

  • Encourage them to share offers on their social networks

  • Make your company's current vacancies known by mail

  • Give incentives to workers

  • Your team is your biggest ally, also in recruiting.

4. Recruit your customers (yes, you read correctly)

Sometimes, the best candidates are in front of you and are your customers! They can become great workers since they already know your products and services: they have bought your pants, tried your best dishes and recommended those comfortable shoes to their friends. You can not miss any opportunity if you want to find the best.

How to get to them? You can start by looking for them at your company pages: social networks. Posting job offers in official store accounts, for example, will make it easier for you to receive registrations from people who already follow your brand because you are interested. They will be candidates who will already share your philosophy, at a minimum.

Still, there are more extravagant and revolutionary methods. Here we give you an idea of how to address them in a creative, fun and engaging way, 

5. Facilitates the selection process

Make the Candidate Experience throughout the selection process the best possible. How?

  • Provide all the information that is of interest: places and jobs, requirements, benefits, ...

  • Make registration simple and fast. Avoid long questionnaires and the creation of own accounts, for example.

  • Keep the candidate informed at all times about the selection process.

  • Provide schedules for an interview.

  • First of all: clarity! Neither you nor the candidate wants to waste time.

6. Use recruitment software

With so many registered and vacancies, technology becomes a great ally to improve the candidate's experience and selection processes. Automate the processes. You will receive all the candidates in one place and without duplicating, you can send emails automatically to inform the process and much more!

Use multi-posting. You can publish all your offers on different platforms. Do not stay in the usual portal: multiply your sources of talent. You will have a large database of candidates and, in addition, it will be an active and updated database.

Report your results and analyze them. This way you will see how the selection processes are working faster.

Communicate better with the candidates. You can maintain a continuous open communication channel. You will improve the candidate experience by reporting on how the selection process progresses at all times.

Be sure to comply with any law and regulations.

Bad recruitment can cause you to lose 23% of candidates and 9% of clients

Carrying out these 6 points may seem difficult, but the time spent on them will be rewarded. How?

  • Best image of Employer Branding.

  • Best Candidate Experience and, therefore, more satisfied candidates.

  • Employees made to see who participated in the projects.

  • Optimization of the process by receiving more valid applications.

  • HR team with more tools to manage the selection processes.

  • More clients that could be potential candidates

You know, launch these 6 tricks and improve recruitment in your stores, restaurants, and offices. Research and meet your candidates to offer them the best of you. Make it easy: if they fall in love, they won't want to be anywhere else!