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How To Find Top Engineer Talents in Thailand - 5 Practical Tricks Against Skills Shortage

How To Find Top Engineer Talents in Thailand - 5 Practical Tricks Against Skills Shortage

In a world that increasingly runs on code, software engineers are in very high demand. Since there’re many startups and tech giants to choose from, what would convince them to work for you? We interviewed a pool of talented developers and gained insight on what they look for in a job, and what led them to where they are today.

Through the course of interviewing these engineers, we came across several key points that could potentially help in recruiting top talent.

How can engineer applicants and employers get together better?

Recruiters who are looking for engineers or MINT candidates (Wikipedia statement for MINT: Mathematics, Informatics, Science and Engineering) must ask themselves if they speak the same language of their potential candidates or share the same interests when making a job offer. This problem can only be solved if one not only seeks and finds the cause but packs it and solves it.

5 practical solutions with 5 tricks

1. Recruiting touchpoints are crucial

Often the solution is quite simple and the cause is just looking at the wrong place (for example, the wrong job portal). In the wrong place (the ambiguous heading in the job board, for example, quality instead of technology) or the cause is at the wrong time (for example, contacting candidates during summer holidays), It is not only important to maintain the real points of contact of the real world between job seekers and companies, but also all virtual touchpoints. These are called touchpoints and include all points that characterize the general impression of the company and its products (employer branding) or that of the possible contact person (personal branding). 

When a potential candidate only realizes the opportunities of an open position, this does not necessarily generate trust. And this trust is not only needed to attract to the potential new employee but also to actually win and convince him. This is only possible through positive experiences. Again in modern Thailand: The Candidate Experience at the Touchpoints decides whether you can win and hold the online user as a candidate.

An essential element of success is to actively approach potential candidates. In addition, by linking the real and virtual worlds and positioning themselves in the candidate journey, where many job seekers, or even better: your potential talents are present (both online and offline).

2. The solution depends on the right methods and tools

Employer branding is today's most important and necessary basis for your recruiting success.  All candidates google their potential employer and/or their contact person during the application process. With this information, they decide whether they will carry on or not. Even the best active sourcing will not help you if your talents are discouraged by the sourcer's profile. They might feel that they are only one of many candidates. Then your response rate goes to zero. So, if you want to win the best talent, not only you have to use the best weapon in 'War for Talents', but you also have to use them skillfully and in line with the wishes of your target group. And since we are on the social web, everything is just 'social', i.e. with social recruiting. But with 'social' is not meant a Christmas donation or a unique media campaign via Facebook or Job boards. But those open communication and interaction with your potential candidates at eye level. Those who do not get involved will increasingly fall behind in the social web and thus achieve little recruiting online.

It is no longer about campaigning and not just about having online promotions run by an agency or social media manager. The success comes exclusively from skillful orchestration of the online and offline methods by the recruiting persons, i.e. recruiters and technical supervisors.

3. Magic Weapon: Talent Acquisition 2.0

What is Modern Talent Acquisition? The social web is about networking, one-time actions are lost in seconds. A Good Talent Acquisition today are the things to do in order to be found on Google. And to make sure that this Google result matches what good candidates like (and not about your board or CEO, your media agency and not you as a recruiter: the candidate decides the success today).

Without good employer branding, there are only random candidates - but with sound employer branding and reputation management with candidates, you're just laying the groundwork. Now you need to do professional social recruiting, not only to be found but also to win.

The recruiting process begins with "Find" or "Be Found". Modern Talent Acquisition combines professional branding with a top recruiting strategy and consistent implementation.

4. No success without employer branding and talent attraction

The effect of digital change is that the diversity of all interests becomes more apparent, especially online, but also offline. It is difficult to say whether this personalization trend is the egg or the hen because to be noticed in this new online and offline world requires constant special measures to be found in the ocean of information. If you do not care for both: Employer branding and clever talent attraction, you will have a hard time with the best talents. Talent Attraction is the salt in the soup of social recruiting - it's about making yourself stand out from the crowd. And you can not do that today with a good employer branding alone.

Reputation is what you find in Google about you today. Since online people read less, but rather look at it, and our attention rate is constantly falling in both online and offline, targeting is just too much "being noticed". As the world continues to change, it is about actively and consistently cultivating and caring for the image of the right talents.

5. Recruiting is selling

Many recruiters do not like to hear that because "selling" has a negative connotation for them. Why? They think that selling does not tell the candidate the truth and they feel uncomfortable doing so. But these recruiters would have known best: The truth, people only tolerate in portions and in good packaging anyway - if they want to hear them at all.

And that's exactly the approach of selling an open position: with factual information and sensible job postings that are glued to the Facebook Wall and sent out in 40 or 50 of the hundreds of job boards, and maybe even 3-4 times Tweeted, you can not convince a real talent. It's not just about packaging the message well, but about creating trust in the first place. Referral recruiting is a solution here, systematic communication at all levels, easy accessibility (responsive optimized careers page) and proactive sourcing are just a few of the ways that modern talent acquisition has also available to recruit engineering talent.

The "War for Talents" is raging. Who does not upgrade nor active and constant, fighting cannot bring home the victory, because he does not participate in the first place. A good place to start is to study the candidate experience to understand your talents and then consistently take action and implement it.


On the surface, one can say that there is a shortage of engineers or the engineer's shortage of skilled labor: the jobs on offer do not correspond to a high degree to what the job seekers want. But the fact that so many companies clearly do not speak the language of their talents and make unattractive offers, those companies have the chance to defeat the skills shortage that actively synchronizes their recruiting activities with the interests of their potential talents. Those who systematically cultivate contacts and communication will be the winners in the "War for Talents": they have started to operate clever talent management.